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Choja’s Special Parfait!!

The strawberry layer has marshmallow and gelatin melted into it and the oats layer is a mix of oatmeal and chopped cookies! There is a very high amount of sugar in this, so it will probably give you a stomachache…


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Bonus: Rice with pork chop. I used the leftover broth to simmer the pork chop and pour it over the rice!

Pho with onions and pork chop! There was no more raw beef, so the pork chop had to jump in.

Baked corn tortillas with fried beef and eggs!

White rice and beef in Mexican soup!

Ramen noodles and pork.

Pasta and sausages!

Remember when I cut up an apple donut and put more apples under it and thought it was a good idea?

Choja’s pineapple cheesecake - round 2! Better than before!!