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Book Summaries Part 1

I can’t really draw right now because I’m hopped up on coffee, but I definitely have been writing the profiles in the process of storytelling instead of what happens in chronological order. There’s enough background information to understand what’s happening, so I’m going to put down the summaries here and now. Understand that the year that Choja starts his journey will be noted as 0 in these summaries instead of when the calendar of the world actually begins.

Book 1

Year -1

  • Choja finishes training with Riften.

Year 0

  • Choja sets off on his journey after getting his quest from the king in Lunivesta at the east edge of the continent. He meets Saari, Viruna, and Mernyn as allies. He fights Gemiri and Kerlunhun a few times. He discovers that Keras is up to no good(?) and that a man named Geas is tracking her as well. He moves from the north to the east edge of the continent.

Year 1

  • Choja heads south, then near the southeast, discovers that Keras planned to destroy Sophia, Lunivesta’s biological weapon. Riften meets up with Choja again and hands him Schrodinger with Harakatsu’s soul contained in the sword. Choja and his group are stopped by a gang of three ladies, Ramas, Emily, and Aeria. The gang is defeated and Choja heads onwards to the large dome with the chamber that holds Sophia. Sophia is destroyed by Remidefa, but Remidefa is then destroyed by Choja. After a fierce battle, Choja sees that Aeria runs up to defend Keras from getting killed. Choja kills them both anyway.

Book 2

Year -3

  • Luchs kills Winel and tries to kill Keras, but is killed by Geas. Geas tries his best to hold back and tells Keras to run. The next day, Kerlunhun is assigned to the case and hunts down Keras. Keras gets away with a music box, but still gets stabbed by Geas and barely survives by Riften’s intervention. Riften gives Keras the sword Mobius which has Liliuzae’s soul inside. Liliuzae tells Keras all she was told by Riften.

Year -2

  • Keras heads to the black market for information and awakens her newfound skills defending the black market. She finds and steals Abruran’s biological weapon Remidefa and then heads across the continent to stow away to Lunivesta.

Year -1

  • Keras arrives in Lunivesta to search for their biological weapon but has trouble doing so. Riften heads back to Lunivesta and trains Choja for the latter part of the year.

Year 0

  • Geas arrives in Lunivesta to find Keras. Keras finds a lead on where Lunivesta’s biological weapon is, but runs into Choja while doing so.

Year 1

  • Keras finds Sophia and manages to destroy her, but Remidefa is destroyed by Choja. Aeria tries to stop Choja a second time but both her and Keras are killed. Aeria manages to stay alive and takes Keras’s soul. The king immediately discovers what happened and arrests the group except for Viruna (who are pardoned due to their position) and deports them to the southern part of Abruran, a vast desert where Lunivesta dumps all its trash.

Book 3

Year -30

  • During a routine purging of dissidents, the king of Lunivesta chooses Liliuzae’s parents as the target of today’s executions. They hide 10 year old Liliuzae in a closet before being taken away by the knights and executed. Melas, the king’s assistant, finds Liliuzae during clean up and finds a strange interest in keeping her safe from the king. Soon enough, she forms a meaningful bond with Liliuzae and Liliuzae tells Melas she wants to kill the council that killed her parents.

Year -28 to -23

  • Liliuzae learns plenty from the lessons that Melas shows her. She becomes close friends with Riften as well. Ramas, one of the followers of the church of the Goddess, also helps her out. Soon enough, one by one, Liliuzae manages to assassinate each and every member of the council until soon enough only the king and the priest remain. Harakatsu, the guard captain, learns of Liliuzae’s deeds but says nothing to the king.

Year -22

  • The king finds out. Upon the king’s orders, Harakatsu’s knights without any command from the captain himself completely destroy Liliuzae’s life and leaves it in shambles. Liliuzae commits suicide and the place where she lived is razed to the ground and excused as an accident. Melas of course finds out, stabs the priest, steals Ramas’s revolver, and breaks into the king’s chambers despite being completely locked down. After a few words are exchanged, Melas shoots the king in the face and tosses the revolver on his desk. Harakatsu and his men break into the chambers soon after and asks Melas why she shot the king. She tells the captain to ask his men what they did and a moment after, was filled with arrows.

Year -21

  • Riften breaks into the evidence storage and steals the sword Mobius so that she can meld Liliuzae’s soul into it. Ramas is mysteriously killed and a few years later reincarnates as a demon. Melas reincarnates as Emily with no memory of what she did in her previous life. Regardless of the facts, a statue of Harakatsu is erected in the center of Lunivesta for killing the traitor Melas and saving the empire. Harakatsu serves under the new ruler that replaced the old king, but after learning the truth, he became an alcoholic and passed away from stress and guilt several years later. Riften manages to place Harakatsu’s soul in another sword, Schrodinger. The new ruler starts a project to create the first homunculus in the world.

None of these characters were exactly the paragon of justice, but some of them at least *tried*.

Liliuzae Erymi

Importance: *****

Her first name was created with word particles mashed together, yet it surprisingly turned out to be the scientific name for a lily. Her last name is a reference to Eryth from GundeadLigne.

20 years ago from the time that Choja started his journey, Liliuzae began a revolution at the Lunivesta capital. She couldn’t reach her goal, but in the end she dealt enough damage for it to be successful anyway. After her death, Riften put her soul into a sword called Mobius (uncreative because I didn’t really name the sword) and headed back to Abruran. Riften gives the sword to Keras when she finds her in a desperate situation. Liliuzae inside the sword speaks to Keras and calms her down, then explains to Keras what Riften told her.

Everything obviously started tumbling downhill from there, but Liliuzae was definitely a fighter even after she passed away.

Geas Rueli

Importance: ****

The older brother of Keras Rueli. His name isn’t a reference to anything, but it is an actual English term. He looks like Choja, yet he’s actively attempting to stop himself from being a monster.

Despite his birth, he remains more of a demon than an angel, so he has a better grasp of Blood Weapons than Keras. After he murders his father, he loses his mind and tries to stop himself from murdering his sister as well. Strong familial bonds make it easy for him to continuously track down his sister to the point he follows her to the other side of the world, yet Choja is the first to kill her. After he returns to Abruran, the search begins again when he notices Keras’s soul being carried by another person.

The costumes were not very definitive as these characters existed more of concept than of physical bodies. Their personalities, however, were very real to me.

Another break before more characters.

Keras Rueli

Importance: *****

Her name isn’t very deep, but her last name was definitely a memoir to an old friend. Maybe if the real life me didn’t move homes so many times, it’d feel better.

Born to a family of nobility in the Abruran region, her Angel mother Winel Rueli and Demon father Luchs Asher Narset lived happily with her and her older brother Geas Rueli. One day, Luchs went mad and murdered his wife in cold blood and was going after Keras next before Geas stopped him with a swift stab through his back. Geas also had lost control but before he did, he told Keras to grab the music box and run. Run, she did, as Geas escaped from the crime scene and Kerlunhun was assigned to this case soon after. That’s how the chase began.

The real life me was fine with the story of my character feeling victorious until I went crazy and put a face on this boss to validate myself. She was the straw that broke the camel’s back, the big bad boss that Choja wanted to murder until their insides spread across the floor. What came afterwards was my imagination building for her side of the story. Everything built up within Keras and created the six other stories to prove that my character was doing something wrong.

In the end, it worked.

Gemiri Fanen

Importance: ***

His name is another bashing of particles, it keeps going. The Fanen are a family of judicial power on the continent of Abruran, which is on the other side of the world from Lunivesta. Gemiri and his older brother Kerlunhun arrive at Lunivesta to hunt down a criminal who escaped there.

Gemiri to say the least is a massive pervert and does his best to flirt with the ladies as much as possible without very much regards to his job. Even so, he’s handy with his spear and not really a bad guy in comparison to his brother.

He does have his limits though, which he learned from trying to seduce Mernyn and Ramas, two Demons not to be messed with. Heh.

Mernyn Rawi

Importance: *****

Her name isn’t as creative either, a definite pattern. She shows up in the first story as a thick set of armor with a full cover helmet which made her seem like a dull character. However, she removes the armor after the first story and shows up in every story besides Book 3 (the flashback) to receive the most character development in the series without being a protagonist.

She has a pretty awful backstory. Her mother died during her birth and she ended up a Demon (the wings on her head and the markings on her face) instead of an Elder and her father decided to disown her. Her ability as a demon was that she could form Blood Weapons which rip and shread with edges as sharp as a steel edge. She was also bisexual and had extreme tendencies to push herself on others, so she was a handful to deal with for Viruna. Despite all this, she matured into a character that was more of a hero than Choja ever was and regardless was unrecognized for her deeds.

Unfortunately, by the end of the final story, she ends up dead.

Viruna Rawi

Importance: ***

A priestess of the religion of the Goddess. The Goddess is the definite religion in the land of Lunivesta. Her name was another mishmash of word particles and you will definitely see more of these instances pop up in later character names. She’s also an Elder, a race of humans cursed to live for ten times longer than the normal lifespan; however, this only appears rarely as the other character who’s an Elder is Professor Riften Crosier.

Choja meets Viruna during his quest (whatever his quest is) to deliver the king’s parcels. It’s not a very long conversation as Viruna talks with the other villagers and agrees to go with Choja after much debate. She sounds boring in the first story but she gains more depth later on.

She also brings her younger sister along for the journey.

I definitely have more characters, but I’m tired so give me a couple hours to rest and I’ll be able to post more then!

Saari Hiragawa

Importance: ****

A long lost sister? It’s another of those dumb fantasy story cliches! I guess it could be just an illegitimate child that the father had a while ago. The origin of this character’s name came from an English test (if the test makers are looking, don’t sue me please) and her character design looks like an older Marona from Phantom Brave.

Choja finds Saari at an inn at the first village he arrives at and moments after they meet, a few villagers bust through the door and accuse Saari of stealing. A few thrown knives and the two lock themselves in one of the first floor rooms and they talk it out when Choja finds out Saari’s his sister. They climb out of the room’s window and manage to sneak out of the village to head to the next one.

For a small role like “the protagonist’s younger sister”, it’d feel like she had less influence in the stories, but later in real life, I learned that she had a definite effect on the characters in the world than Choja mainly because Choja was busy obsessively trying to murder the antagonist she helped the other protagonists and eventually became a well developed character.

That strikethrough is not a mistake, by the way.