I draw pictures. I write stories. I do things.

Baked marshmallow sandwich adventures!

Strawberry Pop Tarts and a brown sugar donut with regular marshmallows in between for that roasted sugar goodness! The two pictures under the big Pop Tart sandwich picture are failed experiments (but they were still tasty!!).

Mashed potatoes with baby arugula and peppers.

Thanks to Capn, Warchief, and my older brother for helping me salvage the mashed potatoes because I was dumb enough to dump sliced potatoes into a pot with butter without boiling the potatoes first. I thought they’d get soft enough to mash if you cooked it first and I forgot about boiling!! ;_;

I moved my OC stuff to a sideblog. If you want the address, just ask! Thank you.

I’ll probably use Tumblr for cosplay projects and video game design rants.

I call it Goodbye Garlic because I realized I was out of garlic halfway through.

Spaghetti with green beans, carrots, chicken pieces, oil and garlic. Don’t forget the garlic.

Alfredo pasta and black pepper chicken!

Whole grain bread sandwich with ham and mustard, Miracle Whip, Parmesean cheese, and red peppers!

I put too much mustard and Miracle Whip as you can see. Way too much. It’s overflowing. Help. (´;ω;` )

Choja’s Special Parfait!!

The strawberry layer has marshmallow and gelatin melted into it and the oats layer is a mix of oatmeal and chopped cookies! There is a very high amount of sugar in this, so it will probably give you a stomachache…

Bonus: Rice with pork chop. I used the leftover broth to simmer the pork chop and pour it over the rice!

Pho with onions and pork chop! There was no more raw beef, so the pork chop had to jump in.

Baked corn tortillas with fried beef and eggs!